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Mesa Taxes | Wedding Checklist

If you are preparing to get married soon, the last thing on your mind is probably taxes. There are few things to keep in mind about your tax situation that will change or need to be addressed after you get married.

Did you change your name when you got married? If so, you will need to use the new name on your income tax return next year. All of the names and social security numbers on your income tax return need to match the records on file at the Social Security Administration. Many times taxpayers will neglect to actually file at the social security administration and just assume the IRS will recognize the name change when they file. This isn’t the case and if you don’t file at the Social Security Administration to change your name, the IRS will reject your income tax return.

When you get married, you may also want to consider revising your federal withholding election on your paychecks. The withholding you need to have taken may need to be raised or reduced depending on your new spouses income and withholding situation.

If you are receiving advance payments of the premium tax credit for you health insurance, you will need to report this life change to the Health Insurance Marketplace. Other changes that you should report are a drastic change in your income or family size. Reporting these changes will allow the exchange to adjust your advance premium tax credit accordingly.

Let the IRS know if you are moving. To do so, you should file a Form 8822 to change your address on file with the IRS. You should also notify the US Postal Service.

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