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Phoenix Accountant | Tax Season Starts

With the United States Congress passing the tax extenders bill, the Tax Increase Prevention Act, the Internal Revenue Service announced that it anticipates opening the 2015 income tax filing season as originally scheduled in January. The IRS said they will begin accepting electronically filed tax returns on January 20, 2015. Individuals who chose to file on a paper return can also begin filing on this day. The decision comes just days after Congress renewed a slew of “extender” provisions of the tax law that had originally been expired at the end of 2013. The provisions were renewed only through the end of 2014. The IRS wanted to remind taxpayers that electronically filing is the most accurate way to file an income tax return and the fastest way to get a refund. There is no advantage to people filing their tax return on paper in early January instead of waiting to e-file on January 20, 2015. The IRS will not process the paper return until January 20 regardless of when it was filed.

We here at Dusseau & Makris, PC will begin accepting appointments on January 12, 2015. Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule your appointment. Some key things to bring to your appointment are: W2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, K1’s, a copy of your completed income tax organizer, proof of charitable donations, profit and loss statements for any businesses you own, and anything else that could be pertinent to your income tax situation. We also, beginning this year, will be needing proof of health insurance for yourself, your spouse and any dependents listed on your return. You might also, if you obtained your health insurance from the health care exchange, receive in the mail a form 1099-H. Bring this form to your appointment as well as it contains vital information to calculating your health coverage tax credit. If you have any questuions or would like to schedule your appointment, feel free to contact us at Dusseau & Makris PC, your Phoenix CPA firm.